Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Hello beautiful people of the internet. I come in peace.

I am 19 years old and I started to take interest in makeup when I was in 2nd grade. YUP. You read that right. SECOND GRADE. It was when we had to do this dance production number in our school and I noticed how my aunt did my eyebrows horribly—way too thick. I don't know if it was in fashion at that time(1998?) but it sure was a head-turner and not in a good way. 

BUT don’t get me wrong I didn’t start at that young tender age to wear makeup everyday. Well, actually, up until now I still don’t. I only wear makeup during parties or school events and for an everyday look, I only wear lipstick. This is MAINLY because I live in a city where people look at you weirdly when you have makeup on and I grew up with people around me who thinks that girls who wear makeup are overrated—they would be embarrassed for you to go out in public with makeup on.

ANYWHOO, I started to really really like makeup summer last year. I needed to learn how to because I’m a photographer and I don’t want to pay a large amount of money to makeup artists for a photoshoot. So, I enrolled in the University of Youtube and I majored in Beauty. My mentors, or shall I say “professors” are Michelle Phan, Blair(JuicyStar07) and Julia(MissChievous), and a lot more. AND I thank them from the bottom of my heart <3

I live in a city where there aren't any high-end or even good drugstore products to choose from. I can only get them from the internet. But we do have good local products from Ever Bilena and Nichido. I'm still a student and I don't exactly have lots of money for me to buy good makeup. You call Maybeline, Revlon, etc. drugstore products but for a girl like me and for most locals we view them as high-end products because of the prices. So, I guess my this blog would be more on the looks-for-less and reviews on products that may seem not worth to try but are surprisingly good. So, if you're into that, I guess, I'll see you then in my next blog :)


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